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Buy Music and Support Immigrants and Basic Human Rights

This Friday, February 3, for any purchase made on Bandcamp, they will donate 100% of their share of the proceeds to the American Civil Liberties Union, who are working to oppose last week’s Executive Order barring immigrants and refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries from entering the United States.  

The picture I am holding in the photograph below is of my grandfather, who had dual citizenship. Born in Minnesota but raised in Denmark, he  came to live in America circa 1913. Was a WW1 Veteran and eventually settled in Clinton, Iowa owning a small grocery store.  I dedicated my 2012 album, “In Those Days,” in part, to my grandfather.

C. Taylor_9597

If you feel so led, please visit my bandcamp page  and review the music I have for sale.  I not only have “In Those Days” available, but some singles and instrumental music, as well.

Also, visit other artists and support them while supporting Bandcamp’s mission to help raise funds for immigrants and basic human rights.

My Neighborhood (the video)

As I often do during good weather, I will sit on my front porch, often with my guitar in hand, looking into the soul of my neighborhood. Because music draws people in, I have found myself engaged with many different people over the years as I strummed.

 “My Neighborhood,”  explores the confluence of community within the ordinary lives of extraordinary people within their own neighborhoods.  You might see yourself, literally and figuratively, with this new video, which was filmed, edited and produced by my daughter, Aubrey.

What I like about this song is the surprise ending, lyrically.

And now, I give you the video, “My Neighborhood.”

Download “My Neighborhood,” here.

C. Taylor_9816

Chris Taylor signs with independent record label

I am please to announce that I’ve signed with independent record label Grumpy Old Bear Artist’s Collective out of Seattle, WA.  The label president Norm Bowler writes the following on the labels Facebook page:

“Grumpy Old Bear is pleased to announce the signing of Chris Taylor, a singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon. Chris has chops not only as a performer, but as a radio on-air personality and voice-over talent. You’ve seen him on TV; you’ve heard him on the radio; now you can have him in your music player.

Chris has spent years perfecting his craft, and he brings it home on his full-length album “In Those Days.” It’s a classic smooth pop sound. I’ve heard the pre-release mixes, and I’m looking forward to sharing this album with you. Stay tuned for more news in the coming days.”

Finishing touches to “In Those Days”

After  nearly two years the good news is, the album is done.  The recording, the mastering…all the things to make it sound great…all done!!

The final step is to create album art or a cover photo that represents the sound on the album. The photo shoot happend last month using Vancouver Washington photographer Leah Harb.  What a pro!  Had a great afternoon session with her.

My graphics guy is Brain Gage of Pipe & Tabor of Vancouver, WA.  We recently chose the front album cover along with a few other pictures and talked about layout and few other graphic ideas.

It’s been fun performing many of the songs from “In Those Days” at in-house concerts and other venues and feeling the positive response.  Would love to share them with you sometime.  If you’re interested in having me come to your home for an in-house concert, just click here.

“In Those Days” album to be released in 2012

From first impressions to falling in love, new beginnings and peaceful endings, to being deeply moved by children with little to no future, to celebrating a life lived and lives filled with adventure and family secrets, to finding hope among the ruins of an earthquake, “In Those Days” by Chris Taylor captures the many sides of life both exhilarating, tragic and yet, still hopeful.

The 8 vocal songs on this new album due out in 2012, feature music genres from adult contemporary, country/rock, folk/pop, gospel and inspirational. Under the masterful guidance and talent of producer/engineer/musician and arranger Bart Hafeman, “In Those Days” is deeply personal and honest.

Be looking for it in 2012.  Listen to song samples here.