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Album Cover for “In Those Days”

So here’s the album cover.  The title track of the album is about the early life of my grandfather.  The picture I am holding is of him in his WWI flying uniform.  If you notice you will see some handwriting in the background.  That is part of a letter my grandfather wrote to my parents back in early 1958.  Pretty cool effect eh?

Finishing touches to “In Those Days”

After  nearly two years the good news is, the album is done.  The recording, the mastering…all the things to make it sound great…all done!!

The final step is to create album art or a cover photo that represents the sound on the album. The photo shoot happend last month using Vancouver Washington photographer Leah Harb.  What a pro!  Had a great afternoon session with her.

My graphics guy is Brain Gage of Pipe & Tabor of Vancouver, WA.  We recently chose the front album cover along with a few other pictures and talked about layout and few other graphic ideas.

It’s been fun performing many of the songs from “In Those Days” at in-house concerts and other venues and feeling the positive response.  Would love to share them with you sometime.  If you’re interested in having me come to your home for an in-house concert, just click here.