Friday Sessions

Friday Sessions combines keyboard pop/smooth jazz with a tinge of Vince Guaraldi thrown in.

This album was given the name Friday Sessions because most of it was recorded on consecutive Friday’s over the course of several months.  I was introducing myself to a new keyboard and liked what I was hearing.  So I decided I’d better record some songs using my newfound patches before I forgot what I was doing. After each recording I would send samples of my new song to friends who began to ask for more of this kind of music.

When my son was in grade school he would go to sleep every night listening to this album. Though he rarely got past 2 or 3 songs before falling asleep, it was a routine he loved so much that we had to make sure to bring the album along so he could get to sleep at night when we were traveling.

When I’m performing instrumental background music I will often play several selections from Friday Sessions and the response has always been positive.

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