What People Are Saying

“Chris clearly understands the strengths and challenges that can present themselves when you work with mid-level students and plays to their strengths. He isn’t easily fazed by their highs and lows, and the frequent inconsistencies they sometimes present.  Chris has his own not-so-hidden talent for bringing out the best in people and helping them to feel special.”

Linda Kapranos, retired Principle-Beverly Cleary

School Hidden Talent Show


“(Over the) years that the Make Music PDX program has offered recreational music making programs we have continued to use Chris Taylor as our Master of Ceremonies for our quarterly performances.  His professionalism and lightheartedness on stage has help raise money to enhance school music programs in the Portland public schools.

Chris’s ability to be spontaneous and flexible while on-stage while chaos is sometimes reining behind the scenes provides that added something that makes a public event special. We would highly recommend Chris to any group that is in need of a professional. He’s the best!!”

David Rozell of Make Music Portland



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