Friday Sessions

In 2005, my church purchased a Roland Fantom X8 keyboard.  I was told to take it home and play around with it.  Giving a musician, a producer and sound dude a piece of equipment like this is like hitting the musical jackpot.

Tinkering with all kinds of new and different sounds, along with my own instrumental sense, gave me a new opportunity to work on arranging songs.  It eventually turned into “Friday Sessions.”  The name of the album comes from the fact that I did most of my recording on Friday’s.  Friday Sessions -Smooth jazz instrumentals and meditative stylings.


Wanting to explore the Roland Fantom X8’s “soundscape” even more and in a different direction, I began to create improvisational melodies that were more ambient, calm and relaxing, trying to find sounds that were sonically pleasing and stress relieving.  In 2009, “Meditations,” was born from that exploration of sound and musical improv.   Meditations – Soothing, relaxing, calm music for massages or end of the day.

In Those Days

By 2010, I was ready to add a vocal album of original songs to my catalogue.  The opportunity happened when I sold my successful mobile DJ company to a guy who happened to be a top flight musician, album producer and engineer.  As barter, he would produce, engineer and add his musical skills to my own songs.  With the help of my wife choosing from my large list of songs, we chose 8 originals that covered a breadth of styles, stories and topics.  “In Those Days,” was released in 2012, and I consider it my signature album to date.  In Those Days  – Songs on themes of love, family, and faith.

Chris Taylor | In Those Days | CD Baby Music Store

Stone of Grief (single)

Inspiration as a songwriter can sometimes be manufactured through hard work in coming up with something from nothing, or in some cases, a song can quite literally -write itself.  That’s exactly what happened with “Stone of Grief.”   This song is probably one of the most personal and satisfying songs I’ve written to date.  It’s a paradigm changing kind of song that looks head long into the depth of grief, using lyrics that validate and support.  It holds the person who is working through the healing process with great love and compassion, letting them know they don’t have to walk through this process alone.  Stone Of Grief – honest song of healing and hope.

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