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About Chris Taylor

I'm a singer/songwriter on themes of life, love, family and faith, as well as a professional emcee and background keyboard player. Chris Taylor Tunes showcases my songwriting, emcee, and live performance skills for business and personal celebrations and events. The Hughes/Taylor Company is my main squeeze, featuring audio production and specializing in voice overs, sound engineering, and creative media development.

Fun gig at nursing home

Love performing for seniors who have been isolated due to Covid restrictions. Sometimes you have to be creative in the way you deliver the music. Thankfully, one particular nursing home has found such a way.

Note: Works best during good weather.

Social Distancing Gig for Seniors

My first paying gig in 7 months had me performing for residence at a nursing home in Beaverton, Oregon on Tuesday, September 22.  I was hooked up via a bluetooth headset/mic that was connected to a small bluetooth speaker that a nurse would take from room to room so the residents could hear me.

Some of the sweetest smiles and reactions I’ve ever received took place.  Residence would sing along in their chairs or beds, some of them grooving as best they could.  Some of the best 90 minutes I’ve had during these Covid days.


New Song – When Heroes Die

Wrote this song in 2016 during a time when many of my musical heroes were dying.  It also seems to be appropriate to what’s going on now in our COVID-19 world.

I would say enjoy this song, but that seems a stretch. May you find some comfort knowing you’re not alone with your feelings.

When Heroes Die

New Recording – You’re So Much Fun

The band I’m in, HomeBrew, recorded an original song of mine back in Nov of 2018.  We released it on Christmas Day.  You can go to my Bandcamp page, and listen to the song.  If you like it, you can download it as well.  Thanks for you continuing support.