Chris Taylor signs with independent record label

I am please to announce that I’ve signed with independent record label Grumpy Old Bear Artist’s Collective out of Seattle, WA.  The label president Norm Bowler writes the following on the labels Facebook page:

“Grumpy Old Bear is pleased to announce the signing of Chris Taylor, a singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon. Chris has chops not only as a performer, but as a radio on-air personality and voice-over talent. You’ve seen him on TV; you’ve heard him on the radio; now you can have him in your music player.

Chris has spent years perfecting his craft, and he brings it home on his full-length album “In Those Days.” It’s a classic smooth pop sound. I’ve heard the pre-release mixes, and I’m looking forward to sharing this album with you. Stay tuned for more news in the coming days.”

3 thoughts on “Chris Taylor signs with independent record label

  1. Mari Hancock

    Chris, Congratulations man. I am excited for you, I can imagine the joy that dropped in your heart. ! (does a little dance of celebration)

  2. Mari Hancock

    Forgot to ask you how I post this on my fb page. Want to share your music with my friends. Will also send it to my mother in law. She is a singer. She would so love your music and share your joy over your accomplishment. Besides that, my sister in law lives in Portland. Perhaps if you are performing there she and her husband could enjoy a few hours out listening to you.

  3. Chris Taylor Post author

    Thanks for the response Mari. The record label is run by a longtime friend of mine. We used to play in a cover band back in the early 80s and have stayed in contact over the years. He’s a fabulous musician and is really committed to us local musicians.

    To post my web site on your facebook page, go to your own facebook home page: in the space provided that says “Writing something…” (new timeline version) or “What’s on your mind?” (old facebook version)… Click on the words in either version…copy my URL or web address and then paste into the area with the words. You can then write your own words in the space provided.

    You can also write what you want in the space provided, then copy and paste my web address underneath what you wrote. Facebook will create a link for others to go and check out my web site.

    Thanks for spreading the word about my music Mari, I really appreciate it.



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