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Playing at Local Food Park


This Saturday afternoon I’ll be playing some of my originals along with cover tunes at the Rose City Food Park (5235 NE Sandy Blvd) from 2:30-4pm.  The weather looks great and so should the food.  Stop on by – I’d love to see you.

Here’s a link to Rose City Food Park’s Facebook account

That Was Fun!!

Wednesday evening at the Jade Lounge in SE Portland was a complete success.  Here is a picture of the band: Left to right: Doug McCleary, Cynthia O’Brien, moi and John Hasenjaeger.  We were given the band name, “Legion of Ambiguity.”  We kinda like it.

Legion of AmbiguityThe plan is to return next month on March 26.  I’ll keep you posted.

“Deep Blue” – Live at Portland Music Company’s Open Mic

June 19th was a wonderful night at Portland Music Company’s NE Portland location, where I, along with 7 other musicians, played 15 minute sets of mainly original songs.  Here’s my “live” version of a song I wrote earlier this year called Deep Blue.

C. Taylor_9816

New song: “Missing”

My father has been slowly converting his large collection of slides into digital pictures. He then shares them with the family. He has come upon some photos of my sister Martha, who died at the age of 3 1/2. Some of the photos I’ve never seen. Many have me as a baby in Martha’s lap or being bottle fed by her.

With each photo my dad offers a short commentary. On one particular photo he mentioned what Martha might look like today and how her life might have turned out. Those words and that picture inspired this song.

C. Taylor_9885