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Fall is my favorite time of the year for many reasons. But the main reason I love autumn, is it signifies change.  And with change, I find myself holding closer to those things that keep me grounded and whole.


Of course, for me, music is one of those things I cling too when dealing with change, not only within seasonal change, but within the changes of life.

The song “Stone of Grief,” was written during a challenging time a couple of years ago.  Not necessarily for me, but for the person on the journey of change and healing.  I present this song, again, for you who are walking a road-less traveled, so that you may find encouragement on that road.  I also share this song for those who are coming along side those treading the waters of change.


Tribute to my sister

October 24th would have been my sister Martha’s 58th birthday.  She died at the tender age of 3 1/2 from a Wilms tumor. Which today, she would have most likely survived.

She has always been a big part of our family history, even though I was too young to remember her.  Over the years I’ve written a few songs in her memory and as tributes to her short life.  This is my most recent song written earlier this year.

Martha baby