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A Most Gentle Spirit

My wife, Barb, and I, met Leana and Dean Baskerville through our mutual friend’s, Bonnie and Greg Knopf, over 27 years ago.  It was clear from the beginning, we had kindred spirits and similar tastes in humor.  Dean, Leana, Chris' Bday 1989

It also became apparent, and comical, too, that the Baskerville’s followed our steps pretty closely.  Not long after meeting Dean and Leana, Barb and I got married in April of 1988.  The Baskerville’s followed two months later getting married in June.

Dean and Leana and Barb 1990

When Barb and I started our family with our first  born in 1993, there was Dean and Leana with their first born a year later.  Then we had our second child in 1996, and sure enough a year later, their second child was born.  This would be theme between our two families for many years.

Dean and Leana 1990

Both wonderful musician’s in their own right, Dean produced and arranged some of my original songs.  I asked Leana to sing background vocals on one of my songs from my 2012 album.  Leana was also in attendance for my album release party in August 2012.

Leana Baskerville 1990

A little over a year ago I was contacting Dean about some recording studio help. When he did contact me, he shared with me that Leana had been diagnosed with lung cancer.

That was one of those “take your breath away moments.”  That moment has now turned to grief and loss as Leana succumbed to the cancer this past Sunday morning.

Of all the people I have met in my journey through this life, Leana Baskerville, was one of the sweetest, gentle and loving human beings ever put on this planet.

To Dean and their children, Amiette and Cassidy, my deepest and sincere condolences on your loss.

May God’s peace, comfort and mercy surround you all at this time.

All my love,