Fun Times, Fun Gigs

This is where it started this weekend.  Out in rural Hillsboro, Oregon for a combined graduation party and summer BBQ.  Crowd wouldn’t let us leave when we were done, so we had a three song impromptu set that started with Brown Eyed Girl, which lead into LaBamba which we mashed up with Twist and Shout. Kudos to our drummer and singer, Dave Panzer, for handling the main vocals.  The “Graduate” turned out to be a great drummer.  He showed off his talent and then jammed with us on Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.”  It was awesome.

Hillsboro Grad and BBQ Party

This Sunday, HomeBrew, the smaller version of our band, were part of a wedding ceremony in NW Portland.

Here we are chilling during the ceremony.


When the band took its first break, I did about a 20 minute set of cover tunes.

Performing during HB break

1 thought on “Fun Times, Fun Gigs

  1. Bud Frimoth

    Glad that you’re finding even more opportunities to share your gifts, even in some of the warmest times of the year. So glad that the group you’re a part of is getting good opportunities to share your gifts… I can just imagine your solo interlude…. reminds me of days with the window open by the piano on Ash Street when your playing and singing would waft through the neighborhood and you’d get good comments from neighbors…. and familyi!


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